Monday, September 29, 2014

The Adventurer Class

Delving Deeper (DD) includes an optional thief class. Since the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons did not include a thief class, and since DD eschews the use of the supplements, this version is a bit original. The DD thief is the back-stabbing skill monkey that has always characterized the thief but now his skills remain constant throughout his career (damage done by sneak attack does improve, however). For obvious and sound reasons the thief cannot be law aligned.

This does, however, present a problem when one considers the non-humans. The thief class is the only class in which a non-human can advance without limit. Despite this, the class would not be well suited to the non-human races were it not for the fact that non-humans may dual-class (triple-class?) without minimum prime requisite scores. This gives the Dwarf an opportunity to continue earning experience after reaching myrmidon (F6)—but only if he is neutral or chaotic. Ambitious dwarves will have to go against the lawful tendency of their race (not a problem once in a while, but unacceptable as a trend).

Whither the lawful skill monkey? I give you the Adventurer class. The Adventurer may be of any alignment, including law. The adventurer advances as a thief in every respect save the sneak attack. All the thief skills are available to the Adventurer (but lawful adventurers will not use slight of hand to pick pockets, open locks in order to purloin, climb walls to burgle, or listen at closed doors in order to blackmail). They are limited to leather armor but may carry a shield (which they might have to lay aside to use their skills successfully). Unless otherwise stated a non-human may only multi-class as an adventurer regardless of alignment (no Dwarf fighter/thieves, only Dwarf fighter/adventurers).

Level Titles:
1. Wanderer
3. Delver (like the thief, the adventurer can now interpret non-magical writing, maps, and code)
5. Bush-wacker (attack matrix improves)
9. Explorer (like the thief, the adventurer can now cast spells from scrolls)
11. Gentleman Burglar (attack matrix improves)

An Explorer may set up an Adventuring Guild or Club. Dues will bring in 1 gp a month from each member but that must go to overhead and resource procurement. The explorer enjoys free room and board at the Guildhall or Club and half price on adventuring equipment (including bulk purchases).

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