Friday, September 26, 2014

Why This Blog

This past year I have introduced my children to a hobby I dearly love but have long let sit dormant. There have been some hit and misses along the way but we're all enjoying the experience.
We have settled down to playing several different games. I recently got a copy of Delving Deeper Reference Rules Compendium by Simon J. Bull. It's a retro-clone of the original Dungeons and Dragons ruleset that was published in 1974 and required other games to play fully. Unlike some other clones of the original ruleset it includes extensive tables for developing a campaign and wilderness map. It's a game in its own right.
So the children and I (and the wife when we can convince her) are going to develop our own campaign world with which to run adventures for each other. This will allow my children to explore their creativity and really see how a simple set of rules can fire their imagination. It will also give them a chance to hone their DM (or referee or GM or judge) skills and give their Dad a chance to enjoy being a PC (yes, I was the designated DM as a teen).
I am going to smooth out and publish aspects of our game in hopes to get feedback from the broader community of old school gamers. It's fun to customize but we don't want to over do it or miss do it if possible.
So, I hope this blog inspires and collects inspiration.

By the way: 1) The posts will usually assume Delving Deeper rules (largely compatible with any TSR era D&D rules and their clones), but we will probably also use Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG as well–because why not.
2) I refer to my children vaguely on purpose. This blog is not about them and I respect their privacy. I mention them only to give notice that this will definitely be a family friendly blog and also to spread the blame around for some of my more juvenile ideas.

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