Monday, March 26, 2018

A New Direction

I am repurposing this blog to brainstorm setting information for my Tuesday night 5e DnD group. Some of these posts will make it into a final campaign document, some of them will be cast onto the cutting floor. But I find I need to write things down.
Most of the posts I write will be just repurposing the Player Handbook information to fit my idea of a fun DnD setting. I was never fond of the Forgotten Realms and I find the present incarnation is not fun for me to DM. My goal is to include the standard PHB options in the setting (even the Dragonborn and Tieflings) but with my own spin—or with the spin of players in my group of friends.
I still play (and often prefer) Old School DnD, but 5e serves very well and I love the friends I have made in the last few years playing it so it will be the focus of this blog's reboot.